How to make a golf yardage book

How to make a golf yardage book

Hello guys so I wanted to help people out who want to make a yardage book for a course. On past threads there was only some instruction on how to make one and I took on the task to learn how to make one as a school project. Therefore I wanted to go in detail about how to make a yardage book to save others time. The current yardage book Im working on shown in the video is close to being completed. All i need to do is to map the course in person for yardages and slopes. The video below is the tutorial I made to help you guys.Also instructions are bellow.

Getting started- programs I use (you can use others to make the book but these make it the easiest)
-Adobe Illustrator
-Google Earth

To make a view of the hole
1. To begin open google earth and find the course/hole you want to start the book with. (you may also use or google maps or whichever you prefer)
2. Zoom in on the hole and make sure you position the view on top of the hole(stretch the hole across the view of the screen)
3. Take a screenshot. On pc to do this press print screen or prt sc. (this gives the picture better quality that saving as a jpeg with google earth)
4. Open screenshot on photoshop, then use the magnetic lasso tool and drag around the hole where you want to crop it.
5. To smooth the croped section, click select then refine image
6. Make the smooth 100% and then feather anywhere between 4-9 %
7. Then cut(or copy) and paste it into Illustrator.
8. Resize the image while keeping the aspect ratio (hold shift when resizing)
9. position so the tee is oriented in line with the book
10.Mark the tee position with colored dots
11.Map out the yardage

To make a greenside image
1. Again position yourself above the hole and take a screenshot
2. Paste the screenshot into photoshop
3. Use the magnetic lasso tool to select what you want to crop
4. Cut(or copy the image) into Illustrator
5. Use the elipse tool to create a circle
6. position the circle over the green and then select both of the image
7. Right click and select make clipping mask.
8. Ready to map out the slope of the greens and draw them in!

Almost forgot my artboard setup
-4 inches by 5 inches
-40 artboards (18 for hole map, 18 for green map, 4 extra for cover and notes