How To Increase Flexibility for Golf ” Flexible Body Fluid Swing”

How To Increase Flexibility for Golf ” Flexible Body Fluid Swing”

you will get out of this program is beyond your expectations. You will be able to understand how the Fascia System can help you to improve your body awareness, and your golf game.

You will learn several ways to warm up, increasing blood flow and energy in your body before any golf activity.

You will go through warm-ups designed to elongate your fascia lines, and increase your hip and shoulder mobility. You will quickly begin to understand the different ways you can increase rotation and separation in your body, by warming up correctly on a regular basis, and maintaining a healthy body.

You will understand the VITAL & FUNDAMENTAL DIFFERENCE between PELVIS ROTATION & HIP ROTATION, and how to increase rotation in your HIPS.

Most golf instruction tends to be rather vague, and confuses the details of how the best golfers use their body to crate efficient rotation. In this course you will finally understand the importance of your hip joints, and how to increase your hip mobility and strength.

You will learn which muscles in your hips, and along your spine, to focus on to increase the stability, rotation, & SPEED during your swing, increasing your distance on the course.

Enjoy Flexible Body Fluid Swing, and a healthier version of you, on and off the golf course.