How To Improve Your Short Game, Be Better Golf Vlog

How To Improve Your Short Game, Be Better Golf Vlog

This video is about Short Game with Tim Yelverton.
Tim is at

In the backswing keep your trail forearm on top of the shaft, don’t let it get to the side.

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Tim is a very personable and friendly guy with a knack for making the short game simple for anyone to be good at. I chipped in and got up and down a lot in the round we played right after this video. I also shot a video about the 50 YARD ONE HOP AND STOP shot.

Tim is also a VERY accomplished player in his own right. He won the 2008 Mississippi State Championship, the 2013 MS section champ and was player of the year a few times in his PGA section which is a very competitive section.

Pay attention to the TAKEAWAY section of this video, it is not just for the short game but for full swing as well. Tony Luczak and Tim are on the same page with that move for the takeaway. More on this later but in a nutshell it FEELS like all you are doing is folding your right wrist back and the arms are following that. (reminder to my self to show you guys the backswing dish drill I made for this)

Email Tim ANY questions and let him know you saw him on BBG! and @timyelverton on Twitter

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