How to Compress a Golf Ball Series – Increase Swing Speed – Video 1 of 7

How to Compress a Golf Ball Series – Increase Swing Speed – Video 1 of 7

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Golf compression starts with swing speed. This is the first fundamental of the seven factors. I am sure you are all thinking… “everyone knows that, but where does speed come from”. I am glad you asked. The majority of speed in the swing comes from torso rotation, elevation of the arms, firing the right arm, and the release of lag in the downswing.

When you add the four speed factors together (and perform them properly) any golfer is able to create massive amounts of club head speed with very little effort. This is exactly how the best golfers in the world create speed. Golfers like Tiger Woods, Rory Mcilroy, Jack Nicklaus, and many, many more!

When you are talking about compression the effects of speed are very simple. The faster the clubhead is moving, the more the ball will squish against the face. So there really is no such thing as too much speed from the scientific standpoint. More speed will also help you to get more spin on the golf ball and with the help of the other laws, even help to hit more accurate shots.

One of the reasons I talk about lag so much in my instruction, is that I see it as the biggest hindrance for the average golfer in their attempt to create more swing speed. We will go over some of the effects of lag in this video and how to improve your lag.

Good luck with your golf game!

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Golf Compression and Swing Speed

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