How to Break 90 – Playing with a Subscriber Shooting 84 – Shot by Shot Golf with Commentary

How to Break 90 – Playing with a Subscriber Shooting 84 – Shot by Shot Golf with Commentary

I met a subscriber for the first time and we had a great time playing The Pine golf course in Bangkok. Tony had been struggling but with some chat and laughing on the course, he shot a great 84 with a few shots left on the course.

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How to break 90 in golf is something asked by most golfers and it’s not something the majority of golfers achieve. But by playing to your strengths and removing the shots you think you can hit but actually can’t, and coupling that with hitting MORE of the shots you can hit, you’ll be smashing down the door of breaking 90 in golf.

To break 100 or shoot under 90, it’s really a similar process of minimizing big mistakes by playing what you know and getting really great around the greens.

In this video I ranted a little bit about the short game and how people excuse themselves from practicing it or getting great at it because they think my type of conservative strategy puts too much pressure on the short game.

But you know what? The short game is where YOU and ANYONE can be as good as a professional or low handicapper. It’s a matter of fundamentals and practice and with the practice, comes imagination and with imagination comes the ability to try new things which breeds confidence and bam next thing you know, you’re breaking 90, breaking 100 and sometimes learning how to break 80.

I think if Tony could do these couple things (as should you), he will even be trying for a 79 and not merely an 89.
1. Practice lag putting to get the ball inside 3 feet. ainly about pace control.
2. Practice 4 footers and listen to the rattle. That rattle when it hits the cup fills your body subconsciously with confidence. Confidence breeds great results.
3. Warm up before the round sufficiently to make your best swings straight away.
4. Hit the driving range and practice the shots you hit the most: in his case, 6,7 and 8 irons all day long!

A great round and great new friendship. You can look forward to more subscriber based content as I go on an Asian Tour of Subscribers in the next few months!


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