How to Break 100 Reloaded: Shot by Shot with Commentary and Tips

How to Break 100 Reloaded: Shot by Shot with Commentary and Tips


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Brian’s back! I added voice-over but only where it would take too long to explain with text. I love music as well as golf so this is a combination of the two as well as an attempt to provide you, my lovely viewers, with value so you NEVER give this game up and keep on chooglin!

Since we shot the first how to break 100 video in November 2017, Brian has played 9 holes six times. He still hasn’t graduated to a full 18 hole player.

Since no-one can accept Brian as a beginner, he has henceforth been re-dubbed, a hacker.

With the chipping and putting basics in place, we took a trip to Poresia Leisure Farms golf and country club in Johor Malaysia to try break 100 for the first time in his life.

After an opening 8 holes to be proud of, things went sideways quickly. Follow along to find out the tips and tricks we picked up to use in conjunction with the other breaking 100 video.

IMPORTANT INFO: I bought Brian new clubs and gave them to him the night before this round. These were his first shots with the clubs and to be honest, the Taylormade RSi1’s are AMAZING.
Brian is allergic to practice and hasn’t been to the range not has he done any chipping practice since November 2017.

This round was mainly about plotting your way around a course and also staying strong mentally. Golf needs a lot of concentration. I (Matt) now play off a 5 handicap and the amount of concentration that is required is INTENSE. It’s very easy to look at pros and Youtubers and think this game just comes super easy. It takes practice and concentration.

Stick with it my friends and you will improve. Stick with it…golf is extremely rewarding!

Join the movement that’s making golf fun again because there’s no ONE WAY to play this game, but MANY ways to HAVE MORE FUN!