How the wrists hinge and unhinge during the Swing (13)

How the wrists hinge and unhinge during the Swing (13)

Today Cassie and Coach Dad are working on how the Wrists hinge and unhinge in the golf swing.

This is a very misunderstood area of the swing by many beginners and even middle to low handicappers, as there is a tendency to twist the wrists as the player swings because that is what it looks like on a video of a golfer. But this results in flicking of the wrists which leads to inconsistency in the hit (slices and hooks result when the timing is off).

Coach Dad demonstrates how actually the wrists hinge straight up and unhinge straight down as gravity takes over. The turn (rotation) of the body leads to the visual impression that the hands/wrists are twisting/flicking through at contact.

Cassie will do a drill where she pre-sets her wrist hinge before turning her body to show this clearly. She then holds the L angle in her arm and wrist till the arms drop to position and finally lets gravity release her wrists and strike the ball clean.

It is a tricky drill but again the skill needs developing in order to move on in your game!

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