Golphers Tool Golf Multi-Tool & Everyday Carry

Golphers Tool  Golf Multi-Tool & Everyday Carry

Golphers Tool “ACE”: Designed by Eric Ochs, a Professional Custom Knife Maker, to bring style & efficiency to your game.

We’re Golphers™. We created the Golphers™ Tool (patent pending), a state-of-the-art golf multi-tool with a custom-locking 3″ drop point blade, magnetic ball marker, divot repair tool, bottle opener, and clip allowing you to easily secure it so there’s no shifting in your pocket during your round. The Golphers Tool was designed to bring style and efficiency to your game, but we can’t promise it’s going to help you break 80! Click “Back this project “, to join the Golphers™ Community and be the first to get your hands on the Golphers Tool!

Quickly grab your secured golf multi-tool, use it, and put it back in just seconds.

Between tees, ball markers, golf balls, and divot tools, we golfers have a ton of stuff to keep in our pockets when we play golf. Finding what you need when you need it can be a hassle since everything moves around in your pocket, or can fall out of your pocket while sitting or walking.

There is also a safety concern with most divot repair tools. Anyone who has ever played golf undoubtedly has crouched to bend over and felt that sharp pain of the divot tool’s tines poking you in the thigh. Although you can find divot tools with a foldable design, why not get more out of your golf accessories?

We’ve designed something more practical. Meet Golphers™ Tool.

These were some of the pains my golfing buddies and I would continuously experience, so that’s why I set out to create the perfect golf multi-tool. After months of researching, prototyping, and ultimately developing a partnership with Eric Ochs, a Professional Custom Knife Maker, we are really excited to introduce the Golphers™ Tool (Patent Pending).