Golf Tips For Power: Importance of Stance Width

Golf Tips For Power: Importance of Stance Width

Golf tips for power with The Art of Simple Golf.

In this video Alex Fortey with Doug Lawrie share sompe important yet very simple golf tips for power without hurting u=your accuracy, consistency or indeed your body.

Too many golfer make the mistake of forcing longer drives and one way this happens is hitting the golf ball with an incorrect stance width. Doing this restricts the movement your golf swing can accomplish naturally and in turn killing your swing speed and distances.

You will not be able to turn and coil required. Too much strain on the hips and lower body

Likewise, being too narrow at address will make consistent strikes with your driver difficult and not be braced

So get yourself Stacked with a slight tilt.

In line with your shoulders, the hips, knees, ankles, and brace against the lead side. This allows weight transfer, coil and power whilst remaining in balance

So these simple golf tips we walk you through will help you have some solid checkpoints and mile markers for your address position with your driver and even the rest of the clubs in your bag. Doing this will help your consistency and your power.

You see, your body is perfect for swinging the club on a natural, smooth and fluid action, but you must allow it to happen by not forcing it or getting in your own way.

Importance of Stance Width

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