Golf Tips for Golf Practice and Golf Lesson

Golf Tips for Golf Practice and Golf Lesson

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When you want your golf swing to improve you get a golf lesson from a golf pro and go to your driving range. Driving range tips still require practice. Golf tips from a golf pro or a friend can be helpful and improve your game. But how you practice and carry that from the range to the course or from day to day, will determine if the golf tips actually get to scratch golf or at least improve your golf swing or golf game. Every golf lesson usually has golf drills that required practice over time. How often do you forget the golf drills or some detail of the swing drill? It is important to know how to have a consistent golf practice plan and golf practice schedule.

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TeeClaw – Driving Range Mat and Putting Green Aid
One of the frustrating things with hitting off of a mat at a driving range, is having to use the rubber tees that are never the right height. In many places, because these rubber tees are getting stolen, you have to buy your own. CRAZY! The TEECLAW is the answer. Not only will you be able to use your regular tees and be able to set it at any height, the string lines will help with your alignment, swing path, ball position and so much more. There are many uses for this training aid on the putting green and with most any shot in golf. Use our code: GOLFWALK10 and get 10% off of your purchase. Your purchase also helps to support this channel so that we can continue to make great content for you.



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