Golf Tip – How to Aim Accurately with a Hybrid Glub

Golf Tip – How to Aim Accurately with a Hybrid Glub

When it comes to how to aim more accurately with your hybrid club, this is a great golf tip!

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So this sounds really obvious that well, of course you’ve got to aim your golf club because we want to aim out over that to a target, but you’ll be amazed by the number of people that don’t accurately aim that golf club before they had to shot. They take a lot more time lining up that putt than they do that driver, but in reality your driver probably has more margin for turning offline because it would start to spin the ball as well. So we’ve got to be very careful the way we align our iron shots or hybrid shots and even our drives.

So when you setup behind the golf ball, we want to really take care that the club face is exactly perpendicular the way you want the ball to go. And now if you’ve got your Thomas Golf Alignment which I have here on my hybrid club, I’ve actually got a straight line drawn nice and simply on the back of the golf club that makes life a lot easier for me. I can drop that club down behind the ball pointed exactly where I want the ball to go, and then swing along that line.

But even with my alignment side of the back I would often start my routine from behind the ball looking down my target line. I’m actually picking out for spot, but it’s only a couple of feet in front of me. I may get something 200 yards away. Its going to be quite awkward anyway, so pick out a divot, a broken tee peg, just a blade of grass there’s a couple of feet in front then as I line up, I point my alignment side my golf’s club square to my target, putt that on the floor, then I can get my feet level with that, and then actually join my stroke. I can keep an eye on this point and swing my golf club nice and squarely down the target line. Try and feel the club going over the top of the object and then into the distance for a straighter golf shots.

If I was to have the club pointing offline or very abruptly coming across the line as I hit through the golf ball that’s going to cause problems with the direction and the accuracy of my shots, so my routine is stand behind, pick a spot within line, setup to my target, pick the spot again, aim the club face and the back of the alignment, straight over the top of it, and then go ahead, made my stroked hitting down that target line. That I think will improve the accuracy of your golf shots.