Golf Swing Physics | Part 1 of 7 | Rotary Swing Golf

Golf Swing Physics | Part 1 of 7 | Rotary Swing Golf

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This new 7 part video series walks you through the keys of understanding the golf swing physics behind RST. This first golf instruction video shows you a simple physics lesson that will change the way you view golf instruction for the rest of your life.

This single fundamental of RST and golf swing physics principal can you give you another 5-10, even 15 mph clubhead speed – instantly! More importantly, it will give you more control and help you hit the ball further with less effort. Understanding the physics of the golf swing will make the game much more enjoyable as you will understand why you tend miss golf shots and you’ll understand why you have struggled with your golf swing.

The physics of the golf swing I lay out here are very simple to understand, yet very powerful and eye-opening as they will help you understand the concept of “pushing vs. pulling” in the golf swing and why you don’t see too many trucks driving down the highway pushing a trailer! Imagine that one!

So, sit back and enjoy a fresh take and fresh approach to improving your golf swing that is —
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