Golf Swing More Distance: Hit the Driver Longer

Golf Swing More Distance: Hit the Driver Longer

Sean Casey, describes the differences between hitting irons and woods. Alot of golfers as if it is the same swing? While there are some things that remain the same, it is definitely not the same swing. Sean explains and instructs you how to hit up on the ball with your driver to maximize your distance. To do this optimally he demonstrates the importance of loading into the bag leg with spine tilt of approximately five degrees. From there you want to shift your weight and pressure to the front food by driving your legs and hips forward while pushing into the ground. Due to loading up on your back leg you’ll be able to make this athletic shift forward and avoid hanging back while approaching the ball with a shallow angle of attack.

Sean explains that the driver swing is not the same swing as hitting your other clubs. The club itself is substantially different. The stance and body positions and angles are different. The club is delivered into the impact zone differently, avoiding contact with the earth unlike the irons.

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