Golf Swing Early Extension: Pros vs Ams

Golf Swing Early Extension: Pros vs Ams

The next topic in this series is often not given enough weight (pun intended) – the golfer’s Dynamic Balance during the golf swing.

The amateur golfer in this video is very typical of what we see when a golfer struggles with early extension and raising the handle through impact.

We really don’t need to look farther than the first few feet of club movement to see the foreshadowing of those two issues.

The Swing Catalyst 3D Motion Plate lets us see how the golfer pressures the different parts of their feet throughout the swing. In this regard, the golf swing is like so many other athletic motions we’ve all made since childhood.

Stand in a “golf like” address position, and just throw a ball down the target line. Your footwork and pressure movement will work exactly like the professional golfer in the video.

You’ll be more dynamically balanced (much different than statically balanced), and supportive of what you are trying to do with your arm as you throw the ball. This is very similar to what we’d like to see in the golf swing.

Conversely, you could really derail your best intentions to send that ball down the target line if you start the motion by pressuring both heels then rebounding to both toe boxes during the delivery.

In the golf swing, your golf ball isn’t moving away from you as you move closer to it. A number of very fast alterations need to happen to strike the ball cleanly and send it at your target. That is very difficult to do swing after swing, day after day.

Starting your swing with the dynamic balance of an athlete will give you every opportunity to eliminate the hump and high handle!