Golf Pitching Tips: Tour Pro Technique For Short Pitching Around The Greens

Golf Pitching Tips: Tour Pro Technique For Short Pitching Around The Greens

Golf pitching tips to play short pitch shots around the green. Let’s learn from Andy Gorman how to hit a pitch shot in golf. Learn more at simple golf series for longer drives, accurate irons, sharp short game and holp more putts.

In this simple golf swing lesson, Andy Gorman shares a simple golf tip lesson to play short pitches around the green to up and down and avoid the common technique mistake most golfers make when it comes to this type of golf shot. Improve your short game.

This is another pro tips how to hit a pitch shot in golf. Andy Gorman gives us the best golf pitching tips and how to hit a pitch shot in golf.
Basically, the pitch is played when you’re too close to the target. Are you thinking how to play the short pitch shot? are you seeking the best way to play the best short pitching golf drill? So that this simple golf pitch shot tip is for you because Andy Gorman shares with us the best golf pitching technique to improve our short game.

So here are a few tips on how to improve your pitching around the greens like as far as chipping is concerned all. We are doing with chipping is little so the bunt really on to the green on more than about three or four paces, this is a pitch shot. This is going to cover most of the distance of the shot through the air and then a little chip reaction.

0:40 The way we oftentimes see players trying to play these shots, is trying to keep the head down in an attempt to make sure that they’re going to get the club to the ground.

0:52 The problem being is that keeping your head down. Limits the rotation o your body that causes your arms to shorter and actually, the club come up off the ground and away from the ball at the same time. So essentially what we need to do?

1:09 Make sure that we’re keeping our upper body turning through the shot. Keeping our hips turning, our chest turning feeling that the tummy is in control of the movement.

1:22 hands and arms are going to swing back with the hips and the chest turning and essentially keeping and maintaining that rotation through the golf ball. About three-quarters of the shot in the air and a quarter along the ground. Getting the ball in the air for start. It’ll get you the distance on the shot but feel like your tummy is in control of all the movement. So let’s try and let me what happens then.

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