Golf Instruction: Jack Nicklaus Secret Swing Shape

Golf Instruction: Jack Nicklaus Secret Swing Shape

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Golf Instruction: Jack Nicklaus Secret Swing Shape (Golf’s #1 Lag Instructor)

Golf Instruction: Jack Nicklaus Secret Swing Shape

It is easy to argue that Jack Nicklaus is the greatest gofer of all time. But what sets him apart. Is it his golf swing? His flying elbow? If the swing is the key to success in golf, then why do all of the great golfers of all time, swings look so different.

Ben Hogan, Jack Nicklaus, Tiger Woods, Greg Norman. They all have different swings, but all were the best in the world in their era’s.

The real secret is in the shape of their swing. All great golfers have the same swing shape. Wide in the backswing, narrow as they start the downswing and gain lag, then wide again as they release lag and produce speed.

If you want to learn this swing shape, you are in luck. The video link above will get you well on your way to hitting the ball like a pro!

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