Golf Fitness in 5 – Core Exercises For Golf And Strength. Athletic Golf Training

Golf Fitness in 5 – Core Exercises For Golf And Strength. Athletic Golf Training

A golf fitness circuit that you can do in just 5 minutes to increase the strength and function of your core. The core is crucial to a consistent and pain free golf swing. When a golfer has a weak core, o much pressure is put onto the back, the golf swing and energy needed for power.

Golf workouts do not need to take all your time and with a little effort, you can see big improvement in your physique and your golf swing when you follow golf fitness circuits like this.

As suggested at the beginning, you can either perform each of the the core exercises for golf for 60 seconds or, you can perform the circuit twice through and perform each golf exercise for 30 seconds.

The exercises in order are;
Side Plank
Dead Bugs
V sit holds
Mountain Climbers

This golf fitness circuit will help your core strength but also with some balance and mobility improvement. If you push your self, this circuit is perfect at the end of a regular workout or can be done at home a 2 – 3 times a week.

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