Golf Extension Drill – Hand Rotation Drill

Golf Extension Drill – Hand Rotation Drill

Swing Extension Golf Drill – Golf drill that promotes the feeling of the hand rotation that should occur during the extension sequence of the golf swing.

► Extension Drill – Video Golf Lesson Summary

– Grip the club as you normally would but bring the club up until it is approximately at baseball height in front of your chest.

– Make baseball swings very horizontally around your upper body.

– Feel how your right hand wants to turn over as you transition the club from one side of your body to the other.

– When the clubhead is in front of your body, the clubface should be be pointing over the center line, i.e., it should have crossed over before what would be the impact position, in front of your chest. If the clubface is open, or pointing up that may explain some of your pushed shots or slicing issues.

Gradually tilt your body down until you are in a normal golf stance position and continue making practice swings and take note of the hand rotation and the position of the clubface at impact.

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