Golf Draw – How to Draw the Ball (Easier Method)

Golf Draw – How to Draw the Ball (Easier Method)

How to Hit a Draw – Golf lesson and golf tips on how to hit draw shots in golf using an easy method that is within reach of most every golfer.

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A draw is a shot that starts to the right of the target then curves left to finish at the target.

Two things create a draw: swing/club path and clubface angle at impact.

In order to produce a draw, the club path needs to be of the inside-out variety.

Set up so that your stance is in a closed position relative to the target. This will promote an inside-out club path.

The clubface should point at the target at address. This clubface angle will promote a clubface that is closed to the swing path, and help produce a draw.

Draw shots travel a little lower and travel a bit further than perfectly straight shots. This is due to the fact that a closed clubface reduces the effective loft of the club at impact.

To review an alternative method for producing a draw aimed at better players, see this video:

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