BIg News! I Finally Reveal All My Golf Secrets!

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Here are the links to two of the golf training aids you’ve been seeing in a lot in recent videos:

Tour Striker Smart Ball:
The Callaway Chip Stix:

The best golf training aid I’ve ever seen ( just got better! The folks at Live View Golf just introduced their LiveView+PLUS. You can check out the new features here and use the coupon code ECGOLF to get $40 off your purchase!

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We’re excited to share Cogorno Golf with you guys. We built Cogorno Golf because there has been so much instructional content out there from youtube to magazines to TV as well as other channels that is supposed to help you play better golf. I don’t have a problem with the content but believe that if you try to piece together what you’re hearing from all these sources, you’re only hurting yourself. It just becomes conflicting and noisy for you.

We put together a cohesive, well structured program for you to not only improve your golf swing but to play better golf. And it’s something that no other site will be able to offer:

An on-demand video library of over 100 instructional videos and I’ll be filming new content for this library and updating it every month.
Premium members will also have access to exclusive student lessons where you’ll watch me on the lesson tee working 1on1 with a student.

All members will have access to a online peer community where you will be able to get feedback on your swing.

Once a month, I’ll do a live QA for my premium members where I’ll answer direct questions from you about your game.

And lastly, we’ll be providing Game Improvement Tools like custom scorecards and practice sheets to help you practice better.

As you can see, we’re providing a wide array of content, tools, and interaction points to help you get better. I hope you sign up today. Plans start at $19/month.