GG’s Secrets to Speed | Golf Swing Tips

GG’s Secrets to Speed | Golf Swing Tips


One of the biggest myths in golf today has many players believing that the only way to expand the distance of their shots comes through increasing their swing power.

In reality, power sometimes has little to do with adding distance to your existing shots.

Many players find much greater, quicker results by increasing their swing speed, particularly in the speed of their clubhead.

Even more interesting to players, increasing the speed of the clubhead does not always mean your golf swing will appear to be traveling at breakneck speed, often times the swing seems to be traveling at a reduced speed, though still delivering faster motion in the clubhead.

Developed through compiling countless hours of George Gankas golf lessons, the GG Swing Method focuses on refining the existing skills of a player, while working to develop weak spots in their existing game.

Golfers from around the world have become advocates for the GG Swing Method, crediting George Gankas golf lessons and strategy as the driving force behind the improvements they’ve made in their own golfing experience.

Often, players believe that they need to whip their golf club at insane speeds in order to expand the distance of their shots.

In reality, working with gravity through the downswing transition will provide more speed that rushing through your golf swing to do so.

Sometimes when we’re so focused on increasing our swing speed, we forget to relax our body.

Overworking our arms and upper body muscle groups will cause tightness, which causes a contraction in speed.

Over flexing your muscles during a golf swing will prohibit the body from rotating naturally, which will throw off the entire rhythm of the swing.

These truths also apply to the lower body muscle groups, where the fullness of our turn has a huge bearing on the success of our shot.

With the average male amateur golfer swinging at speeds between 80 and 90 mph, they’re just below the leading players on the women’s tour.

Most leaders of the long drive on the tour are swinging above 140 MPH.

While most amateur golfers will not come close to the 140 mph swing speed, even slightly increasing their existing swing speed by 10 MPH will add considerable yards to the distance they’re currently achieving.

Sometimes even the smallest adjustment to the way you’re currently gripping the golf club will be all that you need to add speed to your swing.

Having the right grip on the club promotes proper release at impact, allowing the clubhead to pick up speed at this very crucial moment in a player’s golf swing.

There are also a few workouts that players can adopt in order to build up the muscles in their core, which will assist in adding speed to their swing as the body moves more naturally.

Often players will use a weighted golf club as a means to build all of the muscles that are active during the typical golf swing.

Using a weighted golf club provides players with a direct means to build their golf related muscles, while still working through the exact motions that they will experience during their swing.

Once you’ve gone through several different exercises that strengthen your golf muscles, it will be time to test your swing.

But, remember that the speed of your golf swing means nothing if you’re not making a solid connection at impact.

We can sometimes over emphasize achieving the elusive 140 MPH swing, while sacrificing quality and precision in the resulting shot.


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