Fix your weight transfer | Fix your golf swing

Fix your weight transfer | Fix your golf swing

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Zach Allen here and today’s video is about the critical role of weight transfer in the golf swing. Your Center of Pressure measures your weight distribution in terms of left foot/right foot as well as toe/heel.

Thanks to technology like the BodiTrak pressure mat, we can now trace the movement of your center of pressure in real time as you swing the golf club… And I can tell you that almost all of my students make the same mistake of moving their weight toward the toes on the downswing.

This is common not only with beginners, but with low handicappers as well… and it happens because the momentum of the downswing pulls your body down towards the golf ball.

Correcting this mistake can fix a lot of common problems in the golf swing… coming over the top, early extension, getting “jammed up” etc. (And of course all of the ugly mis-hits they create as well).

Fortunately I’ve got a great drill you can do to improve your center of pressure and weight transfer, and that’s the subject of today’s video!

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