FiLMiC Pro LOG + iPhone XS Max = Incredible Dynamic Range 🔥

FiLMiC Pro LOG + iPhone XS Max = Incredible Dynamic Range 🔥

Curious to see what FiLMiC Pro’s LOG and the new iPhone XS Max can achieve? In short it offers absolutely incredible range for video that blows away any other smartphone including the Samsung S9/S9+, Note 9 and Pixel 3. I wanted to put it to the test with FiLMiC Pro’s LOG profile to see just how much flexibility this afforded me in post – and I was blown away.

I shot on the iPhone XS Max in 4K 100Mbps using the LOG picture profile which is part of the cinematographer kit in-app purchase in FiLMiC Pro. In post I down-scaled to 2554x1080p for a nice 2.40:1 widescreen look, plus it let me correct some of my wonky horizons 😉

I used Adobe Premiere Pro to grade the FiLMiC LOG footage. An initial correction in Lumetri and then I did the final grade using FilmConvert which I’m a huge fan of. I actually applied their ‘softness’ at 15% as I find the new iPhones to be a little too sharp for my liking. I used FJ SuperX 400 as my film stock, and also set the grain to 0 as Youtube just can’t handle it (boo Youtube!):

I have to say after being incredible skeptical during the iPhone event about these new devices – Apple have really done something amazing with their new sensors and no doubt some computation wizardry.

Let me know what you think?

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