Dress Code Primer For Men – What to Wear for Black Tie Optional, Business Casual, Cocktail Attire…

Dress Code Primer For Men – What to Wear for Black Tie Optional, Business Casual, Cocktail Attire…

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02:15 White Tie
03:14 Black Tie
4:21 Evening Wear / Formal Evening Wear
5:18 Warm Weather Black Tie
5:35 Black Tie Optional – Black Tie Invited
6:04 Creative Black Tie
6:40 Daywear -Morning Coat – Morning Dress – Morning Suit
7:15 Stroller Suit – Stresemann
7:42 Semi-Formal – Half Dress
7:53 Festive Attire – Holiday Attire
8:23 Business Attire – Business Formal
8:52 Tenue de Ville
9:00 Business Casual
10:05 Dressy Casual
10:26 Smart Casual – Smart Chic
11:04 Cocktail Attire
11:56 Casual – Mainstream Casual
12:34 Casual Chic
12:53 Golf Attire
13:03 Resort Attire
13:42 Beach Formal
14:11 Lounge Suit
14:48 Preppy Chic
15:01 Preppy Style Guide
15:06 Executive Casual

If there’s no dress code specified, the best thing you can do is simply to ask the host.

Let’s decipher some common dress codes.
1. White tie
White tie means a white bow tie. It’s usually made of Marcella cotton and the coat you wear with it is a tail coat, meaning it goes all the way down to the back of your knees. It makes you look supremely elegant and stylish.

2. Black tie
Traditionally, gentlemen in England would always wear white tie for dinner but they had very stiff shirt fronts and some found that to be uncomfortable. Eventually, a younger generation wanted something that was softer and that’s how the tuxedo or black tie evolved.

3. Evening wear or formal evening wear
Either white tie or black tie. In all fairness, most people today will only expect black tie from you because especially in the US, white tie is hardly ever worn.

4. Black tie optional or black tie invited.Instead, you can just wear a dark suit in either gray, charcoal, or navy. You can wear it with a tie or a bow tie and ideally, a white dress shirt.

5. Creative black tie. It’s supposed to be a little more whimsical and relaxed. You could either do that by changing up your bow tie. You can get a jacket that’s velvet or has that certain distinct pattern.

6. Day wear or formal day wear, that means a traditional morning coat which is usually worn with cashmere striped trousers, a dove grey vest or waistcoat,.

7. Semi-formal. Smply means dark suit, white shirt, tie, black shoes and dark socks.

8. Festive attire or holiday attire.Can mean anything from an ugly Christmas sweater to a dressed up velvet jacket with a tartan waistcoat.

9. Dress code business attire or business formal. Can either be a dark suit either single breasted or double breasted, sometimes even with a vest which makes it more formal, dark or black shoes, a conservative tie, either a small print, nothing loud, nothing too colorful, and a white or light blue shirt.

10. Business casual. On a very basic level, it means, no suit but also no jeans.

11. Dressy casual. It’s very similar to business casual.

12.Smart casual or smart chic usually implies a nice pair of jeans or chinos or khakis paired with a dress shirt.

13. Cocktail attire. More vibrant and more unusual so rather than having navy blazer, you can maybe go with herringbone jacket, could be a combination, could be a more funky suit, could be a louder tie, a pocket square, some bolder accessories.

14. Casual and mainstream casual. That means you can wear jeans, any kinds of slacks, maybe even shorts paired with sneakers, boat shoes, or loafers.

15. Casual chic is basically an in between business casual and casual.

16. Golf attire

17. Resort attire.

18. Beach formal is often very popular for beach weddings.

19. Lounge suit. Simply wear a regular two piece or three piece suit.

20. Preppy chic.Usually, it’s naval inspired with bold colors and patterns.

21. Executive casual dress code.
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