Divnick eBike Golf Caddy

Divnick eBike Golf Caddy

This is a prototype project that we plan to offer soon on www.DivnickGolf.com. I had this bike built to my specifications for golf course use with a powerful motor and heavy duty battery, but so that it could also be used for errands around town, or transportation to and from work or school. It is environmentally friendly.

It is a “Peddle-Assist Battery-Operated Electric Folding Bike.” You can peddle it or use the throttle, or both. If you turn on the peddle assist, the motor automatically adds forward motion that matches your peddle pace. If you prefer not to peddle, a thumb throttle will zip you around the course, even up steep hills with silent ease. So it can be great exercise, or very little exercise. It is up the rider. It has 7 gear speeds and 5 peddle-assist ranges. But on the course, most golfers will just leave it in “low”. The various options are more for the road or long rides to the next tee.

It has 4-inch wide flotation tires, shock absorbers, disk brakes, head and tail light, and a shock-absorbing seat post. It can be folded up into a small package and fit into a small trunk, or you can ride it to the golf course. It will easily go 20 miles per hour and is governed by bicycle rules. It does not require a motorcycle license. The battery lasts over 2 full rounds without any peddling at all. It will go about 25 miles if throttle only, and up to 60 miles if you peddle. So there is plenty of battery to ride it to the course, enjoy a round, and get back home with battery to spare.

The Divnick eBike Golf Caddy rolls much faster than a traditional golf cart, and you can go directly to your own shot while 2-person golf carts have to go to separate locations. The Divnick eBike Golf Caddy is MUCH faster than any other means of getting around the course and can CUT THE TIME TO PLAY A FULL ROUND IN HALF! The golf industry is desperately trying to find ways to speed up the game. This is our entry into that challenge.

Why an eBike? There are many personal rider devices being introduced to the golf industry. They include stand-up 4-wheel motorized skate boards, 2-wheel self-balance carts, 4-wheel ATV’s, fat tire scooters, and peddle-only bikes. They are either VERY expensive, or difficult for people to ride safely. The peddle-only bikes are too difficult for the average person to ride on soft grass and hills. Our eBike thrives on hills and steep grades…up, down, or side-hill. They can go where 4-wheelers can’t fit or maneuver.

Everyone knows how to ride a bike, so there is no learning curve. They are safe. They are less expensive than the other motorized options, weigh much less, and can be transported in a trunk. None of the other alternative personal transporters can be driven to the course…or to the super market or any other errand that might benefit from a quick bike ride. So it not only costs less, it does a lot more than golf.

Others have tried adapting ebikes for golf with their bags hauled on a little trailer or a carrier off the back fender which makes it top-heavy and unsteady using the standard kick stand. No one else has the auto-pivot-bag-rack-kick-stand which is easier and faster, and makes it much more stable than normal kick stands, especially on soft or uneven ground. Our bag-rack-kick-stand is rock solid, even on steep slopes.

Some people wonder if the weight of the bag on the side affects balance, but you can’t even tell it is there. As kids, we all remember pushing off with our left foot on the peddle, and coasting while standing on the peddle. Balancing on a bicycle is natural…it doesn’t require any thought.

If our biggest market will be personal sales, will golf courses go for it? They won’t want to give up their cart rental revenue. But my plan is to offer the eBikes to courses to rent out…and then if people buy one, the course gets a commission. Each rental will be like a paid demo ride! So the course will still get rental revenue, plus even larger commissions, and hopefully faster rounds and more players. So it could be win-win-win. Time will tell if courses open up to the idea.

If you want to be updated as we develop the Divnick eBike Golf Caddy, please send an email to sales@divnick.com

Some people have asked how this ebike fits into the line of telescopic clubs and the “Whole-In-One” that lets you play the whole game with one club. After all, we don’t need a bike when carrying one or two clubs. When I go on a trip and am not sure if I will get to play golf, I always take my single Adjustable Loft Club just in case, or to practice. If I know I’ll get to play a round, I’ll take that club plus my telescopic driver and putter. When I go on a dedicated golf trip, and when I play home courses, I add a telescopic 3 hybrid and a sand wedge…for a total of 5 clubs which is what you see in this video. When collapsed, they all fit into my travel bag.

The eBike will appeal to a whole new segment of the golf market.