Danger Liker – The Devil’s Golf Clubs

Danger Liker – The Devil’s Golf Clubs



Now that you’ve tasted satisfaction and left your attackers blackened and crackling/
You’ve witnessed just a fraction of the impact that you could exact if you honour this pact/
You splattered the grey matter of your detractors, reacting to artifacts of old heart attacks/
But through this attractive transaction you’ll manifest these actions beyond abstraction/

Take my hand and grant us immortality/

For we who live by wretched pleasure must for pleasure fall/

If I am all you’ve ever loved, then how perfect it is for you to finally be consumed by me/
Let us be one/ Pledge yourself to my will and we can/
Blot out the sun/ Swear me your soul for rebirth has begun/

Now just force your mortal name down while the crimson ink congeals/

You were always mine/

This fury metamorphosizes all that it seeps into/
But the devil doesn’t always laugh, sometimes he weeps with you/

I stand before you though you know where I am damned to dwell/
And yet you assume that I had to escape from Hell/
But where Hell is, we must be forever more/

I saw the face of your god/
And I know the torture of his deprivation/

Those who laugh above shall howl in vain below/
Gnashing teeth in the dark shall be all that they know/

With hearts so petrified we will never repent/
Unquenchable momentum, endlessly hell-bent/
Hand in blood-soaked hand with the voice inside your head/
Insatiable to the end/ Tear them all to shreds/
Make it rain red/

I am the spirit that erases, for all that comes to be deserves to perish wretchedly/