Crazy Ladies Out Dumpster Diving

Crazy Ladies Out Dumpster Diving

I met another dumpster diver and she pulled a knife, but don’t worry, she just wanted my grapefruits 8) check out Crazy Family Tube’s Diving Channel and Shout out 1MightyR channel

Follow along with my adventures in dumpster diving and whatever I decide to do in the future.

Just a caution about dumpster diving. Check local ordinances for legalities in your area.

I am now working as a full-time reseller. I may decide to start bidding on storage auctions or buying pallets as well. I hope to eventually do some travelling, meet some other divers, and continue making new videos about corporate waste, trash picking, rubbish rummaging, garbage finds, curbside scouting, scrapping, salvaging, foraging, freeganism, saving money, selling and exploring. Other interests I hope to pursue: hunting for rocks, gems, metal detecting, artifact hunting, and all types of treasure hunting as I really dig it, you dig?
I love watching other people’s adventures on youtube in anything relating to exploring, especially abandoned places, so I may dabble in it myself some day.

I’ve noticed more recently, diving for food can save tons of money, mainly thanks to Aldi.
Almost everything I get is free now that I’ve gotten back into diving. I was having transportation issues for a while, so I didn’t get to go out much. I am saving money to put a down payment on a house in a good location for having yard sales. I also want a box truck. And a moped.

For anyone stuck in a rut without enough money right now, you need to start peeking in those dumpsters. If caught, you could say I am looking for some bubble wrap and a few boxes, which won’t be a lie as you’ll be needing it to store and ship the goods you find.

There are dry days now and then, but usually it’s a ton of free stuff. How well you do depends on location.

Sourcing guide:

Where to look for free things.

Scrap or valuables can be found in any dumpster, personal belongings, ect.
But in particular…

Dollar General check often

Family Dollar, slim pickings here

Michaels not lately for me personally, but in past was a goldmine

Burlington can hit jackpot sometimes

Harbor Freight excellent

Northern tool can be very good

Dollar Tree I love it


Pet stores yes check

Rite aid or wal greens rare to find unlocked

City trends rare dumps

Marshalls rare dumps, seasonal

Bath and Body Works – mine are in malls, security, no dumpsters

Bed Bath and Beotches is locks destroys here

and Big Lots, hard to find unlocked these days, used to be goldmine. now they lock.destroy

Five Below goldmine of junk and usually unlocked and no compacter (yet)

Goodwill rarely open and unlocked but great if you find an open D

Walmart with big open D rare I have not been so lucky to find

Staples and Office Max nowadays destroy, but check anyway look for software cd’s

Joanns either dry or a goldmine, depending on location

some thrift stores

i guess iphone stores

some Gamestop are okay

maybe Comcast, found things like remotes

Stein Mart is one of my favorites

Kirklands can be good

Hallmark (not good for me yet)

True Value? Mine is in a fenced area, locked at night

Apartments may be decent, but I rarely hit them.

Used sporting goods

possibly also golf stores, Cabellas, Dicks, bike shops

Ollies or Roses or Maxway or whatever discount store you may have around you

Maybe big D at a Target or other big store like Best Buy, but you have to be lucky to find

Sex store dumpster?

Victoria’s Secret?

Ulta usually a mess, but maybe

Food Lion usually gross and most others compact or lock

I would not dare go around places like Lowes or Home Depot much with all the products and equipment around, and cameras

Pier One if you can find one unlocked.

I am sure I forgot some, but

Aldi, one of my new favorites. I love them so much, and I love you, too.

Thanks for reading. I am finally getting around to typing up a template description that I can use with each upload. Here it is ^^

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To the rare person that complains and dislikes youtubers that put this info out there, stop being selfish, look for other ways of making a living, and realize there’s millions of dumpsters full of perfectly good products heading to the landfill that you can’t find, store and use yourself.
People should be informed. The corporations should be exposed. I don’t care if they see my videos and decide to lock the dumpsters, as that can of worms was opened a decade ago on youtube. They should be donating. They don’t. And we are helping to get the word out. Most of us express appreciation for having access to it. Where to dumpster dive doesn’t need to be a big secret.

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