Biomechanical Advantages for your Golf Swing | CONSISTENCY GOLF SWING

Biomechanical Advantages for your Golf Swing | CONSISTENCY GOLF SWING

Biomechanical Advantages of Consistency Golf Swing

What are the Biomechanical Advantages Using our Online Golf Instruction System Instead of Others

“Hello, my name is Frank Drollinger, let me explain our biomechanical advantages of our perfect step-by-step golf instruction training system.

Besides the great Ben Hogan, I am the second Golf Method Developer worldwide. It´s important that you know that we separate golf methods by key principles. Little changes or improvements which do not change the key principal are only variations.

I call the common golf swing biomechanics, IMBALANCE, because of the body weight shifting in the backswing. My method with the name CORE-BALANCE FREE-RELEASE is that it has the core principle of a stable center of pressure and center of mass until the back swing.

Clear Orders With 3D Coordinates to Improve Your Golf Swing

Additionally, I was able to describe all swing phases with 3D coordinates. This means you, as a student, will receive precise and clear orders as to how far you have to move, in which direction you need to move in and when. The next advantage is that with this guide-book is that the quality of your swing will improve and you will be able to train your motor control for each step. Your body will get the advantage of learning each move.

Because of the key principal, CORE, I was able to reduce the sequences of the motion by 31, a huge decrease. This has the benefit that we made the swing simpler, speed up the learning process and reduce the risk of mishits.

Our structured set up will guarantee that you are able to establish a consistent, repetitive, quality swing. You will know what you have to do and you can do what you want. You will gain unbelievable confidence and mental stability because you will not only follow my system – you will understand the sense of every part of the swing.

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Consistency Golf Swing is a new Online Video Instruction System for more power, more distance and more consistency in your golf game. The step-by-step videos in combination with motor and mental training will change your game forever. Say goodbye to the trial and error systems and get ready to program your brain with a completely new and easy software. Benefit from the unbelievable advantages of this system.

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