Backswing In Golf: Build a Consistent Swing

Backswing In Golf: Build a Consistent Swing

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Backswing In Golf

In this video I explain the back swing in golf and how the check if you are doing it properly or not.

Coiling as you go back is very important in the creation of torque. Is this torque that creates springlike effect which is a very consistent motion. As you know golf is a consistency game so basing your swing on the creation of torque is very important.

If you don’t create the necessary torque in the backswing you will end up hitting the ball solely with your hands and arms. The harder you hit the more the arm muscles will contract thus slowing the club down and manipulating the club face.

The correct backswing and golf also sets you up in the correct position to start down. If you are out of position at the top of the backswing it will be tough to make a good swing without adding other swing flaws.

So make sure you are working on coiling properly in the backswing you develop this springlike effect that will allow you to get the ball not only with power but consistency as well.

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