#67the way to balance the swing to improve the rhythm and tempo.

#67the way to balance the swing to improve the rhythm and tempo.

If the weight is shifted in the front of the body moves up along during the backswing,
The left back shoulder muscles are not stretched, then there may be a few problems that arise.
If you make a backswing when the left shoulder muscles are not loose enough,

1. When doing a backswing with your head in place, the weight may shift forward, the swing plane may move our, and the hand may not turn.
As a result, reserved pivot, in which the weight it lifted to the left, may happen
And as a result, there may not be a smooth weight shift in the downswing; may be a cause of a shank in the worst case scenario.
2. When the swing plane is made during the backswing, there may be bobbing, in which the upper body moves up.
This may cause a pull shot and you should not expected a proper weight shift.
3. The imbalance of the weight in front and back may eventually cause the swing to wobble, and thus, affect the rhythm, tempo, and timing.
4. Especially when the ground is not flat, it can lead up to a horrible miss shot.
The stretch that will help loosen the back shoulder muscles up during a backswing and help balance the feet is included in the video.

Dean Kim, golf instructor.

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