50 Cheap Man Cave Ideas For Men

50 Cheap Man Cave Ideas For Men

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When you’re on a budget, but still want a man cave — you can still get the look you want without spending a lot of money.

They key is to repurpose old furniture and decor items and to learn to see them in new ways.

Read on to get our crafty and cheap ways to outfit your new man cave:

Fill a large glass jar with old billiards balls. Frame old license plates for instant art. Turn an old fooseball handle into a towel bar in your bathroom or kitchen. Turn old sports equipment into wall art — by hanging tennis rackets, putting footballs into display cases, and hanging old baseball bats on the wall.

Get crafty by making your own coasters for drinks out of old beer labels. Frame old sports tickets and programs to showcase the great games of your life.

If you can begin to look around at the souvenirs and paper items you already have that fit into your theme, you can turn them into instant decor items in just a few minutes.

Remember, cheap man caves don’t have to look like dive bars. You’d be amazed at what a simple can of paint, a decent rug and a vintage leather sofa and chair can do to a room. When it comes to décor, garage sales and flea markets can be a gold mine for cool décor and artwork.

With most man caves leaning towards industrial and masculine in design, vintage objects are an easy buy. Their cheap, they have plenty of character and history and best of all, they look downright cool.

Lastly, consider cabin grade flooring if you’re in the market for some hardwood floors for your cave. It costs significantly less than consumer grade, and comes with imperfections that add more character to the room.

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