31 AMAZING DOLL CRAFTS FOR ANYONE || Miniature crafts and barbie DIYs

31 AMAZING DOLL CRAFTS FOR ANYONE || Miniature crafts and barbie DIYs

How to make barbie dress or shoes for your doll? How to create awesome doll furniture for the doll house? You’ll know how to decorate your doll’s house, you’ll make it much more bigger and prettier! Barbie perfume, shoes, dress, hair style, even cosmetics for your doll!

You will learn how to change the color of Barbie’s hair in 5 minutes only! If your doll’s hair is damaged you can replace it with macrame or yarn, you can use knit also. The best thing is that you can choose any color you like. You can choose red, blue, green or even gold color! One more cool idea is to color Barbie’s hair using a simple marker.

You can easily make a dress out of a sock and your Barbie will be a fashion star. Your doll should be always prepared for traveling and we share a cool tutorial on how to make a bag that won’t cost you a penny. All you need is a sewing kit, buttons and binder clip for this cool craft project. If you want a bicycle for your doll, you don’t have to buy it as you can make it at home using old CDs. Just use a couple of CDs, popsicle sticks and a plastic container to make an awesome bicycle for your dolls. Enjoy the tutorial in our new video!
You can easily create a collection of beauty products for your doll. Watch the video and make DIY miniature soap bottles for Barbie using empty capsules and beads. Moreover, you can make miniature makeup products like mascara and lipstick, amazing perfume.
As a present for you, you will find an easy tutorial on how to make miniature sun glasses for your Barbie. Take a bobby pin and use hot glue to make trendy shades.
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00:16 DIY barbie furniture from what you have at hand
01:00 Clothes for your doll made by yourself 👠
03:13 Miniature crafts for barbie
05:01 How to decorate barbie’s house
05:23 Change barbie hair style 🧘‍♂️
06:51 How to clean old toys and make them look like new again
09:29 How to make doll furniture for a doll house
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