3 golf shots you NEED to LOWER YOUR SCORE!

3 golf shots you NEED to LOWER YOUR SCORE!

3 golf shots you NEED to LOWER YOUR SCORE!

Todays video talks through 3 shots that you need to play your best golf and lower your scores. This video is applicable to all levels of players and you can adopt this in your own way to play your best golf. The 3 shots are explained so you know how to play them when you next hit the golf course or practice area. I like finding ways to allow people to improve without making technical changes to their golf swing.

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I’ve turned my passion of golf into a full time job, and take great pride in helping every single one of my clients improve their golf game. For the last 6 years I have built up my own golf coaching and playing ability by caddying on the European and Challenge Tour, as well as working across different golf clubs in Europe. From caddying on tour, and witnessing the golfing ability of the best players in the world, my course management and coaching credentials has excelled tremendously. These 3 moves are limiting your power and accuracy and therefore your ability to play your best golf.

I’ve learnt more about golf from caddying than I ever could of imagined, I simplify golf coaching, and my clients have found outstanding, improvements.

This is my channel to which i will share all my favourite drills and tips to help you improve and start enjoying your golf MORE

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