2019 Corolla SUPER STREET – Modified Corolla / Toyota Corolla 2019 Customized | Toyota SEMA 2018

2019 Corolla SUPER STREET – Modified Corolla / Toyota Corolla 2019 Customized | Toyota SEMA 2018

2019 Corolla SUPER STREET – Modified Corolla / Toyota Corolla 2019 Customized | Toyota SEMA 2018

Toyota Unleashes a Track-Inspired 2019 Corolla Hatchback With Super Street

Super Street Specs the Hatchback for Track Days

Appearing at Toyota’s 2018 Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show display, the custom 2019 Corolla Hatchback built by Super Street is built with a track-inspired focus.

“Corolla Hatchback is at the forefront of Toyota’s current interaction with automotive enthusiasts,” said Ed Laukes, Group Vice President – Toyota Division Marketing. “The all-new Hatchback is well-suited to customization and personalization, be it for appearance or performance.”

In this spirit, Toyota invited Super Street to customize an all-new 2019 Corolla Hatchback. Reaching more than seven million enthusiasts through its various media platforms, Super Street is a barometer for what’s hot on the automotive landscape.

“Super Street offers its followers the latest and greatest automotive stories on the scene,” said editor-in-chief Samuel Du. “Our Corolla Hatchback combines Japanese-inspired styling and custom-fitted parts. We wanted to make it into something you might see on the floor of the Tokyo Auto Salon.”

The build was also tailored toward track use. With handling being critical on the track, the Corolla Hatchback features a RS-R coilover suspension, and Falken FK510 high-performance tires on lightweight Volk wheels to help keep it glued to the pavement.

Engine modifications include an HPS intake and A’PEXi quad-outlet exhaust with titanium tips. Speed is modulated using a front big-brake kit using Wilwood components. Inside the cockpit, a pair of Corbeau bucket seats were installed to cradle the car’s occupants.

The contemporary styling on the Corolla Hatchback has also been sharpened ever so slightly with a custom aero kit designed by the project collaborators.




With more than 7 million followers through its print and social media platforms, Super Street Network
is one of the automotive world’s foremost information brokers. Their 2019 Corolla Hatchback was built
to resemble something that might be found on the floor of the Tokyo Auto Salon—Japan’s premier
automotive show. It also features modifications meant to make it more competitive on the track, including
a coilover suspension adapted to the brand-new Corolla Hatchback, big brakes, and a new wheel/tire
combination. It is also spec’d for occasional track use featuring subtle customizations focused on retaining
the car’s factory comfort, with reclining, heated bucket seats and a full Pioneer audio system.


INTAKE: HPS Performance Products

EXHAUST: A’PEXi quad system w/ titanium tips

SUSPENSION: RS-R coilovers

BRAKES: Fastbrakes front assemblies w/ Wilwood

Superlite calipers & drilled/slotted rotors

WHEELS: Volk Racing TE37 Saga,
KYO-EI KICS spacers & lug nuts

TIRES: Falken FK510

INTERIOR: Corbeau Sportline RRS
bucket seats, Razo pedals

AUDIO: Pioneer sound processor (DEQ-S1000A),
6.5” D-Series speakers (TS-D65C front,
TS-D65F rear), 10” D-Series subwoofer
(TS-D10LS4), 1,600-watt Class D mono
amplifier (GM-D8601); Trunk enclosure
by Auto Tuned

BODY WRAP: Avery Dennison

BODYWORK: Auto Tuned carbon fiber front lip,
side skirts & rear spats

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