2014 US Kids Golf, California State Championship (Lauren)

2014 US Kids Golf, California State Championship (Lauren)

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This is my daughter Lauren competing in a US Kids California State Invitational two-day event. This is round one of the girls 8-9 year old division (Lauren’s 8). The course is Brookside Koiner #1 in Pasadena, CA.

The field consisted of 18, and she finished T2 (one of three under par).

CRITICS: Yes the course if very short, Lauren is often hitting driver-sand wedge on the “par 4’s”. I agree they are not correct and she plays most of her practice rounds from about 200 to 240 yards for par 4’s. HOWEVER, I look at this course as NOT a par 36 as played, but a par 29. I assume all the holes are par 3’s except the 260 to 270 yd par 5’s; these I assume are par 4’s. Looking at the course this way yields a par 29 with 75 to 195 yd par 3’s. That’s right 195 yd par 3’s.

So for this round Lauren shot a 35 or 6 over for a par 29 course! Not bad for an 8 year old girl playing 75 yd to 195 yd par 3’s. In fact she often shoots -2 (34) to -4 (32) on these courses and her lowest is -6. A -6 or 30 would be 1 over for a par 29! Not too bad.