2 Awesome Drills for Longer, Straighter Drives

2 Awesome Drills for Longer, Straighter Drives

You can find more distance with your driver quickly and easily by using these 2 simple tips!

Alright golfers, I’m back again; your fellow golf professional, PGA Teaching Professional Todd Kolb. And if you’ve been with me this long, I know this: you’re hitting the higher, you’re turning it over, and now you’re looking for some more speed. We’ve just learned a little bit about why always buying a new driver isn’t the answer, and just trying to swing harder isn’t the answer. So what I’m going to share with you right now is one of my favorite drills. It’s been around for a long time; it’s called the Transition Drill.

The first thing you’re probably going to notice, you get to do this drill with your driver, right? I know you’re all excited about that, because we love to hit the driver, okay? So I’m giving you freedom to grab that driver and do this particular drill with it. So what this drill is going to teach is it’s going to teach your body how to have a good transition in the golf swing; and that’s why we call it the Transition Drill. But also, it’s going to help you feel maximum speed at the moment of impact.

So here’s how the drill works: you’re going to grab your driver and go to your local driving range or wherever you like to do your practicing. Grab your driver out, get some tees and tee one up. Now this drill takes a little bit of getting used to, so have some patience and work with it. So you’re going to tee a golf ball up. Put your feet together. Your feet are going to be positioned kind of back behind the golf ball. Take your arms and the club and put it out in front. So when I’m set up, the ball is out in front of me, my feet are together, arms and club out in front.

Now in one motion, I’m going to swing my arms and the club away from the target, as my lead foot steps toward the target. So I’ve actually got things going in different directions. My arms and the club are going away from the target, my lead foot is going towards the target. And what that does is it allows to smooth the transition out; and when you have a smooth transition, not only do you increase club head speed, but you increase it at the right moment—the moment of impact.

So hitting the golf ball further is about two things: center of contact and increasing club head speed. But that club head speed has to increase at the right time—at the moment of impact. This Transition Drill is going to smooth you out, it’s going to increase your club head speed, and it’s going to increase it right where you want it—the moment of impact.



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